Standard units of measure for all data entered is stored at all times. This eliminates the need for tracking unit fields in the data for each entry. But, most importantly, data can be combined quickly without worry of combining data of unequal units such as pound and kilogram. Each user inputs and views data in their own selected units whereas other users may access the data in their own different units. Reports can also be printed in selected English or Metric units regardless of the original units of input.

Treatments are based on a Pesticide Product Dictionary with report output by trade-name or active ingredient andtreatment rates in active ingredient; product units or as entered. This allows data to be output based on the needs of a wide range of users around the world and from many disciplines.

Supports SART, BBCH, and EPPO (Bayer) Specie coding standards.

Weather data is recorded by trial site rather than entered into each respective trial which significantly reduces repetitive data entry and allows reporting of rainfall for defined periods after applications.

All FieldPro protocol and trial data on the computer / network is automatically upgraded when a new version is loaded. Thus, the data generated in previous FieldPro versions is always compatible with the current version without the user having to individually upgrade each protocol or trial.

FieldPro data can be exchanged with any other FieldPro user around the world. Also, FieldPro can export data to ACPA EDE versions 3.x /4.1; Microsoft Excel or ASCII.

FieldPro has been developed as a fully validated relational database system which has been widely used and proven. The design supports single or multiple export and import of protocols and trials into a single file. This greatly simplifies data exchange and supports transfer of data between systems by diskette, Notes, Email, or on Internet Web Sites.

System validation is provided for all dictionaries to prevent inconsistent data entry resulting in unusable information and wasted resources.

A wide range of reporting options are supported to meet user requirements.

Programmed in the Microsoft Visual Studio using Visual Foxpro relational database language running on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10.

These are just a few of the features designed into FieldPro that have made it widely accepted. Heartland is committed to even more enhancements guided by input from our users to make FieldPro The World Wide Standard for collection of field research data.